The 6 phases of our strategic process

Atlanta Web Design Pro believes that to ensure quality web design projects, it must all begin with a definite process and distinct marketing objectives. By implementing our six strategic phases, Atlanta Web Design Pro is able to ensure that your project stays within your budget while still maintaining excellent web site structure and content and providing you with the finest results in a timely manner.

Research and Development Strategy

To start off, Atlanta Web Design Pro meets with your company’s stakeholders to understand two of the most important components of your web site: your specific business objective and your creative style. At this stage, we ask you a series of questions to create a website that represents your vision. We also research your target audience, budget, time frame, and your competitors.

Map Solution

In this phase, we develop an outline to creating your custom web site. After researching and understanding your needs, Atlanta Web Design Pro ably determines the best style of site for your decided goal. Keeping all of your needs in mind, we brainstorm a web site that creatively expresses your business objective.

Establish Information Design

This phase revolves around your audience and their experience at your site. In addition to effectively balancing your preferences and an artistic portrayal, we ensure optimum interaction with your audience. We ensure that your message will be successfully communicated to your audience through the web site design.

Define Style

At this point, we take all of your information and develop the framework of the site. The basic components like the functionality, format, navigation, font, colors, and image style are decided during this stage. Once we build this mockup, we send it to you for review to make any suggestions or changes.

Assemble & Inspect Final Product

Once you approve the graphical mockup, we add any necessary text, images, and animation or flash elements to complete the web site. In this phase, Atlanta Web Design Pro also does programming of your site to ensure optimal usage by your audience. Before the last phase, we inspect every detail of the site in order to provide a flawless product to our clients.

Deliver Your Site

At the final stage, we test your site for different browser compatibility and make sure the site is fully functional. We upload your site on ftp server and also provide you with a copy of your site on a DVD. In addition, Atlanta Web Design Pro can also provide your site with regular maintenance and updates.

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